NBA Rumors: Spurs Could Sign Rudy Gobert Next Summer

NBA Rumors: Spurs Could Sign Rudy Gobert Next Summer
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The San Antonio Spurs recently acquired Pau Gasol to hone up their frontline, but his stay could be short-lived.


While it may be a bit premature since the Spaniard will be entering his first season, the reality of it all is that he may likely opt out next year if things don’t pan out. Although he is already 36 years old, Gasol has proven that he can still contribute to any ball club.

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A Pau Gasol exit could be caused by several factors such as meager playing time. But if the Spurs can prove to be successful and win an NBA title, the Spaniard will likely not mind.

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Assuming, however, that he does end up opting out, the Spurs look for someone up front. One guy that Gregg Popovich could add and mold is Rudy Gobert.

Gobert is currently with the Utah Jazz but could be an interesting recruit next season. He is 7-foot-1 and is only 25, a perfect heir to the Spurs, who need someone to fill the center slot.

The thing about Gobert is that he is an elite true center who can get the job on both ends of the court. He has proven his ability to defend and does his share on the offensive end. He has exemplified good chemistry with teammates, which should endear him to coach Pop.

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If the Spurs come calling, it could be a big opportunity for Gobert. The Spurs are five-time NBA champions and Popovich is one of the elite mentors to date.

Further, his arrival could amply compliment LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard for the Spurs. He may not be one of the big names. But at such a young age, he could eventually be one under Popovich’s watch.

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