NBA Rumors: Bulls Target Nerlens Noel For Derrick Rose?

NBA Rumors: Bulls Target Nerlens Noel For Derrick Rose?
Nerlens Noel Regina/acrphoto / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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The Chicago Bulls could potentially trade former MVP Derrick Rose for Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel, according to a source close to the organization.


This offseason, the Bulls will aggressively try to trade Rose, an unrestricted free agent next summer, in an effort to retool the roster and hand the keys of the franchise to Jimmy Butler. If they don’t trade Rose this summer, it’s likely that they lose the veteran point guard in free agency next summer.

Bulls need a new center…

With Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol set to bolt in free agency, Bulls are desperate for a young center to pair up with Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis in the front court rotation. While Noel hasn’t shown all-star potential, his ability to protect the rim and defend pick-and-rolls fits the bill of the modern day NBA center. Also, Noel’s athleticism and improving jump shot make him an intriguing prospect.

Last week, ESPN reported that the Sixers are determined to trade Jahlil Okafor and/or Noel before the start of the new season. In the aftermath of those reports, Chicago Now published an article, urging the Bulls front office to move on from the Derrick Rose era and bring in younger talent.

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“The Bulls are officially Jimmy Butler’s team now, and as we found out last season, Butler put up LeBron numbers in games he played without Rose being active. In case you have forgotten, the Bulls went 9-2 with Jimmy sans Rose last season, and in those 11 games Butler put up MVP numbers,” the website explained.

Nerlens Noel to replace Joakim Noah?

The author argued that Noel would be the perfect big man to replace the outgoing Noah. “Noel is a perfect fit with the Bulls, the young, defensive-minded center they need to replace Joakim Noah (who, if he isn’t on his way out, certainly isn’t the player he was)”.

To sweeten the deal, Bulls could add Gibson, Mike Dunleavy and their lottery pick to convince the Sixers. “Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, and the #14 pick in the draft for Nerlens Noel. It’s a good return for Philly, and it gives the Bulls the center they badly need (plus an extra $30 million in cap space). If the Sixers need a couple of second-round picks, or a future first-rounder (lottery protected) to get the deal done, do it.”

The aforementioned hypothetical trade makes a ton of sense for Chicago Bulls. They will get a young rim protector besides dumping the contracts of Rose, Gibson and Dunleavy. That would be the ideal way to build a young team around Butler, Nerlens Noel and Tony Snell.

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