NBA Rumors: Why Did LeBron James Unfollow Cavaliers On Twitter?

NBA Rumors: Why Did LeBron James Unfollow Cavaliers On Twitter?
LeBron James Erik Drost / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Is LeBron James eyeing to break all ties with the Cleveland Cavaliers? Why would he unfollow the Cavs on twitter? James remained tight-lipped on the questions, giving birth to several rumors.


Sources reveal that LeBron James unfollowed his team’s twitter account to focus on the playoffs. On Monday, after posting a stellar show against the Denver Nuggets, which included his 41st career triple double, James simply unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter, according to the

It’s time for a discussion on this. Perhaps LeBron needs to take part in it too. To “unfollow” on twitter could mean a sign of waning interest. LBJ is arguably the most scrutinized athlete; his unfollowing of the Cavs is bound to be instantly noticed.

And the Cavs came to know of it instantly. Within hours, it hits the headlines. Immediately, speculations began on the latest “cryptic message” from James on twitter. Would he prefer to opt out of his two-year, $47 million contract this offseason to hit the free agency?

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A source closer to LBJ revealed what could be a relief for the millions of Cavs’ fans. LeBron James had a discussion with the person in this regard on Monday night where he clarified that he unfollowed the Cavs to focus on the preparation for the playoffs.

Not an unprecedented move, not something unbelievable too. James cut himself off from social media during the playoffs earlier also. James calls it Zero Dark 23 which he did last year to keep away all distractions and sharpen his mind.

While asked on the issue, the Cavs All-star refused to answer, replying, “next question”, reported the Daily News. The reason still remains shrouded in mystery, rumors and speculations continue to grow.

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