NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant To Quit If Thunder Don’t Make Finals

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant To Quit If Thunder Don’t Make Finals
Kevin Durant House of Hoops via Alexis Marcou / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Kevin Durant is expected to leave Oklahoma City if the Thunder don’t make June’s NBA Finals, according to the latest NBA rumors.


On Monday, popular announcer Joel Meyers appeared on the SiriusXM NBA Radio to discuss the possibility of Durant leaving OKC when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Meyers revealed that according to his sources, Durant is already preparing for free agency. “I made some calls over the weekend. If they (OKC) don’t, I’m told if they don’t at least get to the NBA Finals, Durant’s gone. Simple as that,” Meyers said, per the Oklahoman.

Where To For Kevin Durant?

If Durant does leave, where would he sign? The Golden State Warriors have been previously reported as “significant front-runners” to acquire the four-time scoring champion. However, Meyers is not buying the rumor. “So everybody’s talking about Golden State. There may be other teams coming into the equation for Kevin Durant. He’s the principle. He’s going to be the guy. So from what I’ve been told, it may not be Golden State after all,” added the voice of New Orleans Pelicans.

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According to Meyers, league sources indicate that Warriors would struggle to clear cap space to acquire Durant with a maximum contract. “Everybody thought it was, like, ‘Well, maybe he (Durant) can slide in there, and they won’t match whoever makes an offer to Harrison Barnes (a restricted free agent). So it frees up that cap space that they would have given to Harrison Barnes.’ But the calls I took, and some of the people I talked to over the weekend being in the building, it’s not such a deadlock.”

Since the All-Star break, the Thunder have lost 6 out of 9 games – including heartbreaking fourth-quarter defeats to West rivals Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers. There is a feeling within the OKC camp that Durant is unhappy with the team’s slumping form.

Kevin Durant, averaging 28.1 points per game this season, will be the most sought-after superstar to hit free agency since LeBron James in 2010.

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