NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin Nearly Joined New Orleans Pelicans

Jeremy Lin, the Brooklyn Nets point guard, nearly signed with the New Orleans Pelicans during free agency but decided to join the Eastern Conference franchise instead.


According to ESPN’s Mike Mazzeo, Lin met with the Nets and Pelicans on July 1 in his hometown of Palo Alto, California, before consulting his inner circle on his impending decision.

The report also claims that nearly half a dozen teams, including the Houston Rockets, were interested in Lin but the seventh-year guard met with only the Nets and Pelicans.

After an entire night of deliberation, Lin took to Twitter to announce his decision to join the Nets, where he would reunite with former New York Knicks assistant Kenny Atkinson.

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It’s been a great redemption story for Lin, who had little to no market value after his stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lin has credited his one-year tenure with the New Orleans Hornets for revitalizing his career.

“I couldn’t even get the minimum from certain teams (after my time in Los Angeles).

“That showed me how low my market value was. Obviously, I was offended. I just couldn’t understand it,” Lin said during an interview.

Jeremy Lin: Reborn in Charlotte

Even though Lin’s stats with the Hornets are identical to his stats with the Lakers, the guard redeemed his career with a string of impressive performances and had the complete backing of coach Steven Clifford.

Lin thrived as an able back-up to Kemba Walker and helped the Hornets clinch the sixth seed in the East. In fact, he has also credited his stint in Charlotte for bringing back “the passion” and love for basketball.

It seems like Lin is already forming a great bond with teammate Brook Lopez, who views the guard as the leader of the new-look Nets team.

“We were showing the positives of playing out here,” Lopez said after a preseason game last week.

“Obviously, he knows that firsthand from playing with the Knicks, but just how we can benefit from him and how he can benefit from us — that sort of symbiotic relationship (between Lin and Atkinson).

“We just kept harping on the differences in our organization and the franchise as a whole from the top down.”

Lopez added that he was looking to thrive on pick-and-roll sets with Lin.

Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets will begin their regular season campaign against the Boston Celtics on Oct. 26.

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