NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose Trade Likely In The Summer

NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose Trade Likely In The Summer
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NBA Rumors: The Chicago Bulls resisted trading Derrick Rose before the trade deadline last month. However, they are likely to pull the plug during the forthcoming off-season.


Rose, an unrestricted agent in 2017, is expected to leave his hometown to test free agency next summer. According to sources close to the Bulls, the team is hoping to get a valuable asset or high lottery pick to ensure that Rose’s imminent departure helps them secure their future.

Despite Rose’s persisting injury woes, the former MVP has managed to play 53 of Chicago’s 65 games this season – a positive sign, considering he played only 100 of 246 games between the 2011-12 and 2014-15 seasons.

Matter of time…

Earlier this month, veteran Bulls reporter Steve Rosenbloom revealed that Rose’s trade was matter of when and not if. According to the Chicago Tribune, there must be a team out there willing to take up Rose’s salary, especially with the new CBA rules. “Rose would be easier to trade, what with all the new TV money coming into the league and only one year left on a contract from which the Bulls never got value.”

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Chicago Bulls (33-32), currently placed at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, could possibly miss the playoffs. If that happens, there would be an urgency to trade Rose. “The inability of Rose and Butler to work and play well together would be a shotgun wedding for another season until Rose could seek the free-agency riches that determine what he hears when he listens to his body,” wrote Rosenbloom.

Rose has been linked with New York Knicks on several occasions. However, the Knicks won’t have enough cap space to acquire Rose’s contract besides pursuing Kevin Durant and other marquee free agents this summer. The team which acquires Rose would have to be a team like Philadelphia 76ers, who have very little guaranteed salary for the 2016/17 season.

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