NBA Rumors: Cavs To Trade Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love This Offseason?

NBA Rumors: Cavs To Trade Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love This Offseason?
Kyrie Irving Erik Drost / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers are likely to trade either Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love if they fail to win a championship this coming postseason. In fact, there’s a possibility that both all-stars are gone ahead of next season.


The rumor was put forward by Stephen A Smith, popular ESPN analyst, during Friday’s broadcast of First Take. “I don’t anticipate that (LeBron James) will be leaving this offseason. I believe that either Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving, possibly both, will be gone if the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t win the chip this year. It’s just that simple,” said the NBA insider.

LeBron stuck in Cleveland…

Smith also ruled out the possibility of LeBron James leaving Cleveland, contrary to Zach Lowe’s report last week that Cavs executives were “scared” that the superstar might leave town, again.

“He (LeBron) is stuck in Cleveland until he wins a championship. The second he wins a championship, and delivers on that promise, then he can do what he wants. But if he left Cleveland again, without delivering a title, I don’t think his brand recovers from that,” said the veteran reporter.

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The Cavaliers have been dealing with chemistry issues for the better part of the season. Despite being the runaway favorite to win the Eastern Conference and proceed to the NBA Finals in June, very few pundits reckon LeBron’s squad can beat either Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs.

Is Kyrie coming into his own?

Though Irving is the point guard on paper, it’s LeBron who essentially runs the floor as a point forward. Recently, LeBron and coach Tryonn Lue have been urging Irving to “take the big shots” and focus on his greatest strength – scoring the basketball. Though Irving has missed 58 of his last 82 shots, the former No.1 pick made four clutch free throws during an OT victory against Atlanta Hawks on Friday. After that game, Irving acknowledge that he wasn’t afraid of the big moment.

“Just wanted to take it into my own hands. I know my teammates wanted me to keep the ball and they have the utmost confidence in me. When we get into that situation, just want the ball in my hands,” Irving said after possibly his most important game of the season.

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LeBron, too, embraced the fact that Irving was his team’s best shooter and potentially most dangerous scorer heading into the postseason. “I told him it doesn’t matter what happened in the last 52½ minutes, just go up there and knock them down because I believe you can do that.”

Though Love has gone about his business quietly, Cavaliers know that Kyrie Irving is the team’s second best player. Therefore, if push comes to shove, expect Love to be the one that’s traded next summer.

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