NBA Rumors: Cavs Eye Dwyane Wade To Retain LeBron James?

NBA Rumors: Cavs Eye Dwyane Wade To Retain LeBron James?
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Will Dwyane Wade quit Miami Heat to land in Cleveland Cavaliers? ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has reportedly said that LeBron James may leave Cleveland Cavaliers again in the future. The Cavs are eyeing LeBron James’ favorite buddy at Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, to retain him at Cleveland.


Wade has an impression that he is a player who is happy to spend his entire career in his current team, the Miami Heat. People had the same misconception about Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Paul Pierce too. But they all exited their favorite teams at the twilight of their career. Will Wade follow their footsteps or stay back at Miami?

Last summer, Wade only signed a one-year deal with Miami Heat worth $20 million, as reported by Fansided. This opens up the possibility of the veteran shooting-guard leaving his old club as his contract expires at the end of this season. Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat for 13 long years.

Wade is among the 50 best players to feature in the NBA. As things currently stand now, he should cross the 20,000 points milestone by the end of this season. He will become an unrestricted free agent and a target of several teams. Wade has gone through an injury-riddled career, but still remains a perennial All-star in the Eastern Conference.

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Unhappy guard, Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, is considering the possibility of leaving the Cavs this summer, as we reported earlier. Power forward, Kevin Love, may also have to bid adieu to Cleveland. Wade could provide the Cavs with veteran leadership and back-court stability, due to his vast experience.

LeBron James spent a few days in Miami last week to work out with his fellow team-mate Wade, according to the USA Today. The LeBron-Wade combination can become lethal once more in the road to the championship title. The combination has won the title twice, Wade won the title once more on his own. If the LeBron James’ priority is winning an NBA title with the Cavs, then Dwyane Wade could be his “most welcome” partner in accomplishing this mission. James himself might pursue Wade to don the Cavs’ colors.

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  • Simon

    Ridiculous article just trying to be controversial to get clicks. Wade has played all career in Miami. Why would he ever leave. Don’t you understand that articles like these hurt your brand?

    • Mile High Salute (CRW)

      Stupid author doesn’t understand how contracts work. Cavs don’t even have cap space to sign Wade. Also, look at the source he’s quoting: Fansided. A fan-based blog site. How pathetic.