NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Shopping Brook Lopez?

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Shopping Brook Lopez?
Brook Lopez Shinya Suzuki / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The Brooklyn Nets are looking to find a suitor for center Brook Lopez, according to a league source.


Lopez was involved in trade talks prior to February’s trade deadline, too, but the Nets couldn’t find a good deal for the former 1-time all-star.

According to several ESPN insiders, the Nets are desperate to get rid of Lopez’s contract which has two years left. “I would look to trade him this season. The closer Lopez gets to free agency, the more likely his trade value is to decline, and he’ll always be at risk of recurrence of the foot injuries that sidelined him for most of 2011-12 and 2013-14.

“At the same time, with so many starting-caliber centers on the market this summer, Lopez could prove more valuable in a year. So I wouldn’t move him just for the sake of moving him,” Kevin Pelton wrote in his insider piece.

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Brook Lopez has a concerning injury history…

Bradford Doolittle, another ESPN insider, opined that Lopez’s injury history makes him an obvious trade piece. “Though the only urgency in the matter is generated by Lopez’s fragile feet. The Nets need to turn Lopez into multiple draft picks but since they have so much money to spend and have to pay someone to get to the salary floor, they can bide their time searching for the right opportunity. But another major Lopez injury would be a serious blow.”

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Despite the rumors, new Nets coach Kenny Atkinson has insisted that the team won’t move Brook Lopez. Not yet. “Absolutely not (we’re not trading Lopez). We have not talked about that. The only thing we’ve talked about is helping these young guys along, embracing this kind of new challenge. I’m sure he’s sitting in California (thinking), ‘Man, the roster’s changing.’ But the feedback I’m getting (from him) is ‘Let’s get going. I’m willing to help.’”

The Nets traded Thaddeus Young to the Indiana Pacers on draft night for the rights to the 20th pick.

How much longer before Nets trade Brook Lopez? They are looking to push the reset button and trading Loepz could be the final straw.

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