NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram Ahead Of Buddy Hield In Lakers Radar As Top Three Pick

NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram Ahead Of Buddy Hield In Lakers Radar As Top Three Pick
Los Angeles Lakers Michael Tipton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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In several mock drafts, the LA Lakers are projected to have the second overall draft pick. According to the rumors over the NBA draft, the Lakers are going to rope in Brandon Ingram or Buddy Hield, depending on its draft position.


The 2016 NBA draft is a two horse race between LSU’s Ben Simmons and Duke’s Brandon Ingram. Earlier, Ben Simmons was projected as the No 1 draft pick, but now there is a possibility of Ingram leapfrogging him. But whether the Lakers will get the chance to pick the top three will be decided on the May 17 draft lottery.

Simmons has been compared to LeBron James because of his height and athleticism, and Ingram’s style of game has close resemblance with Kevin Durant. The Lakers have a high possibility to pick Brandon Ingram, as Kobe Bryant is impressed with his game.

“I think he plays with a lot of poise…extremely long and he knows how to use it. I was very impressed,” Bryant said, as reported by the Lakers Nation.

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The Lakers are eyeing Ingram as a small forward who can evolve as a prolific scorer in due time. He fits in with the need of the team, as the Lakers plan to retain their young core. So, Ingram if picked, shall join D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson, who are a set pair in the Lakers’ back-court.

Kobe Bryant has also held Buddy Hield in high regard. “The same way he’s playing in college is the same way I anticipate him playing in the league. I don’t think it’s overly complicated,” he told ESPN. Hield had a magical season in Oklahoma, he has posted an average of 29.3 per game, as reported by the USA Today.

But will Hield fit in the Lakers’ roster? Jordan Clarkson becomes a restricted free agent in this summer. If Clarkson leaves, Hield could be a pleasing replacement. So, Ingram is ahead of Hield in Lakers’ radar.

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  • Dougie Collins

    Hey Moron. Do you even know why mock drafts are predicting Lakers to have the 2nd pick? Because they have the 2nd worst record. Celtics and Suns also can get the 2nd pick. Also, what kind of a bogus story is this? No sources? Just some blatant lies. Why should I trust this author? What is his credibility? Also it’s not Clarkson’s decision to leave. That will be Lakers management call. This has to be the WORST website I have ever visited. I got here because some stupid friend of mine shared this page on FB. Fake website. Fake author.