NBA News: Warriors The Healthiest Team In NBA History, Says LeBron James

NBA News: Warriors The Healthiest Team In NBA History, Says LeBron James
Lebron James Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Reigning champions Golden State Warriors have posted a 15-0 start this regular season, and Cavs star LeBron James feels that the mystery behind this huge success is that they have managed to avoid injuries.


“I think it comes with a lot of health,” James pointed out. “They’ve been healthy. They’ve been the most healthy team I’ve ever seen in NBA history, and they have great talent. Those guys all play for one common goal and that’s to win and that’s all that matters.”

A healthy roster has been allowing Golden State Warriors maintain continuity in their starting lineup, which led to the consistency of their game. Warriors have shown the best defense and second-best offense in recent times to become undoubtedly the best team of NBA.

“They’ve just been consistent,” James said. “I think the most impressive thing is the way they just they’ve been playing at a high level, man, for so long.”

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James’ side, Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster, has been riddled with injuries: Kyrie Irving with a knee problem, Iman Shumpert struggling with his right wrist, Mo Williams recovering from a right ankle injury and Timofey Mozgov’s right shoulder problem leaves last season’s Eastern Conference champions short of quality resources.

That’s why LeBron James feels that fit guys in the roster is preferable.

“But that’s one thing you can’t control. You can’t control injuries. The one thing you can control is what you’re doing out on the floor, how well you’re playing, how hard you’re playing and how much you’re sacrificing and giving to your teammates.”

It will be interesting to know how MVP Stephen Curry and Draymond Green respond to this. Has LeBron James taunted the Warriors and their success?