NBA News: Steve Kerr Joins Practice, Return Still Uncertain

NBA News: Steve Kerr Joins Practice, Return Still Uncertain
2013 Golden State Warriors Michael Tipton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

He watched his team going through a golden run this season while on leave. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has rejoined practice on Tuesday, but his return is still uncertain.


Luke Walton confirmed that he is still unsure about Kerr’s return from leave. “I don’t know. We don’t know when his return is. How can I say it’s certain he’s going to return this season? Nothing’s a certainty, I don’t think,” clarified Walton. “We obviously expect and hope that he is back this season for sure.”

Kerr earlier pointed out that he is confident about staging a comeback at some point during this season. But Walton also added that Kerr looked in much better shape, and the Warriors’ camp is hopeful about his return.

“He looks better. He does. He’s acting more like himself and joking more like himself. But as far as what that means for his return, we still have no idea. It is nice to see more of his old self,” said Walton.

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But Kerr wants to return with additional workload. Warriors General manager Bob Myers stressed that there isn’t a timetable for Kerr’s return to game-coaching.