NBA News: New York Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony Believes In His Team

NBA News: New York Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony Believes In His Team
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Carmelo Anthony has faith on the new-looking New York Knicks. For experts, the Knicks’ 25-point win in the season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks was quite surprising.


“It comes a point in time when you have to believe in something,” said Carmelo Anthony, who’s a focal point in the Knicks’ team.

Anthony has recovered from a knee surgery. And the New York Knicks look forward to bounce back from a franchise-worst 65-loss season.

“Any time you’re kind of dealing with the knee, you start second-guessing things. Am I going to come back the same way? Am I going to have my bounce again? Am I going to be the same player? Will I be able to move like this? Will I still have my first step or my second jump? I started thinking that,” Anthony said about his conditions. “The more time you’re sitting around, you can’t move, you can’t do nothing, a lot of things go through your mind dealing with something like that.”

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The Knicks are not picked by too many experts to feature in the playoffs.

“I believe in this team,” Anthony said, as he sounded optimistic about the Knicks’ team. “I believe in the guys on this team. I know what they can do. I know the work that they put in. I know how hungry they are to get that tag off of them and bring New York back to where it should be. We know it’s a process.”

Anthony has faith in guys like Derrick Williams and Arron Afflalo. He thinks they are capable of sharing the load with him.