NBA News: Markieff Morris Wants To Be With Phoenix Suns

NBA News: Markieff Morris Wants To Be With Phoenix Suns
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Markieff Morris has changed his off-season stance. He no longer wishes to be traded by the Phoenix Suns. Earlier, Morris blasted the Suns management while demanding immediate trade from them after his twin brother was traded off.

“I want to be here,” Morris said on Monday. He evaded the question of how he expressed his disgust after Marcus was traded off to Detroit Pistons by the Phoenix Suns.


“I’m looking forward to the season, not really trying to look at the past,” Morris said. “I don’t really want to talk about what I did in the summer. I really want to look forward to this up-and-coming season. Glad to be back with my teammates and glad to be back with the team.”

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Why did the 25-year-old change his tune?

Markieff said he is “super-confident” in coach Jeff Hornacek. Though the Suns star refused to comment about his relationship with general manager Ryan McDonough; rather, he threw the ball at his GM’s court.

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“He’s certainly not the first and probably won’t be the last player to be upset with the front office,” McDonough said. “It happens. I view my job first and foremost to put the most talent on the floor if we can and to give coach and his staff a group of players that work hard and play hard and have a chance to win a lot of games. If that ruffles some feathers, so be it.”