NBA News: Kyrie Irving Returns To Full Practice Session After Injury

NBA News: Kyrie Irving Returns To Full Practice Session After Injury
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Kyrie Irving is recovering fast from a fractured kneecap. Irving returned to practice for the first time on Thursday since he was out with the injury. Earlier on Monday, he had a moderate session.


Irving though didn’t say too much during his return. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard has been fully cleared for intense practice sessions, and he revealed he has recovered from the left knee fracture.

“I’m a Ferrari without a rearview mirror,” the All-Star guard, who has a bond with LeBron James, said.

Irving sustained the injury in the second game of the NBA Finals last season. Irving’s disappearance from the remaining games was one of the key factors the Cavs failed to match with Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

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Irving pointed out that he has devoted more time in practice this week to return to good playing condition.

“Just taking it as it goes,” Irving clarified regarding his return date. “You’re not getting anything out of me. No percentages, no target dates, nothing. I’m feeling good. Personally I’m in a great place just being able to be out here and practice with the guys, being able to go up and down and continuously, as well. The first time I went up and down it was more controlled. Today, there was a lot more up and down, being able to test my wind, being able to test my knee, going from offense to defense and translating and being able to get out in the fast break and being able to try my moves that I’ve been practicing. Kind of knock off most of the rust I’ve had. This is what this week has been about.”