NBA News: Kobe Bryant’s Career ‘Epic,’ Says Kevin Durant

NBA News: Kobe Bryant’s Career ‘Epic,’ Says Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Kobe Bryant‘s illustrious 20-year career is “epic,” according to Kevin Durant as the Oklahoma City Thunder took on the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. Bryant has already announced his retirement from the game.


According to Durant, Bryant’s career is a dream for any player. Bryant and Durant dined in a restaurant in Oklahoma on Friday night. “That’s the type of career you want to have when you come into this league. For a guy to finish the way he wants to finish, more than half his life as an NBA player, that’s an accomplishment in itself. If he would’ve never won championships or MVPs, he still played 20 years in this league. It’s amazing. Not too many people can say that,” Durant explained.

Bryant revealed that he and Durant discussed a lot of issues during the dinner. Bryant was drafted 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets and was traded off to the Lakers in 1996. Till then, every game he has featured in his NBA career, he donned Lakers’ colors.

Durant, an unrestricted free agent, was amazed at Bryant’s rare achievement of featuring for the same team throughout his prolonged career. “There’s still some guys that stay with one team, but there are some guys that move. But Kobe, he’s done it,also Tim Duncan did the same,” pointed out Durant. “Just as far as staying with one organization, when you win a title with them it makes it easier to ride it out, and that’s what those two guys have done.”

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Kobe Bryant sat out as Thunder and Durant thrashed Lakers on Saturday.