NBA News: Kobe Bryant One Of The Greatest, Says Dwight Howard

NBA News: Kobe Bryant One Of The Greatest, Says Dwight Howard
2014 All-Star Game Secondary Logo Michael Tipton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

His ego clash with teammate James Harden has surfaced to spark loud rumors that he would be heading to Miami soon. But Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard clarified that his relationship with Kobe Bryant was free from any mutual hatred.


Kobe Bryant has already announced his retirement and is in his 20th and final NBA season. The times has reached out to the players and coaches to find out Bryant’s relationships with them during his prolonged and illustrious career. Howard revealed that he and Bryant were never uncomfortable with each other.

“I don’t know why — everybody just made it seem like we just hated each other. There’s no need for us to hate each other,” Howard clarified. “People always going to pass judgment on a situation. But that situation for me is over and done with.”

Howard joined Houston Rockets as a free agent after his single season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Howard feels that Bryant is one of the all-time great players of the Lakers’ camp.

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“Kobe’s done excellent for the Lakers and I think a lot of the fans are just upset that I chose to go somewhere else to play basketball, so that’s understandable. There’s nothing I can do about it,” Howard added.

Bryant and Howard briefly exchanged hugs on Saturday after the Lakers-Rockets tie.