NBA News: Kevin Durant Not Entertaining Questions On Free Agency

NBA News: Kevin Durant Not Entertaining Questions On Free Agency
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Kevin Durant has lashed out at the media several times this season. From coverage of Kobe Bryant’s retirement to his own future, Durant expressed his disgust over media treatment.


The heat started during the All-Star Game with a question about Scott Brooks, then about his condition after multiple foot surgeries in October. Finally, his outburst was regarding Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

“No free agency questions for Kevin Durant after shoot-around in Miami this morning. Besides DC, really hasn’t been many all year,” wrote Anthony Slater recently.

One of the biggest questions now is whether this would be Durant’s last season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But the media isn’t asking him questions about his future. Durant isn’t interested in answering those, anyway, even when the Thunder is meeting teams that may follow Durant in free agency.

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LeBron James faced a similar situation when entering free agency in 09-10. Last season, Durant missed 55 games due to three surgeries in his sprained ankle. This season, he missed 6 games due to a hamstring sprain. The Thunder is 26-13 in the last 39 games Durant featured for the team. So definitely they are at a much better state when Durant plays.

The question is: what will Durant do in free agency?