NBA News: Kevin Durant Fully Fit For Action, Won’t Answer Questions

NBA News: Kevin Durant Fully Fit For Action, Won’t Answer Questions
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Kevin Durant is recovering from multiple foot surgeries. As he feels great on the floor, getting nearer to his best, Durant is tired of being asked questions about how he feels.


“I told myself I’m not going to answer that question no more,” Durant said. Thunders defeated Mavericks 100-88 in a preseason game. Durant struggled with his shooting in the first two preseason games with Oklahoma City Thunder, but appeared at his best regarding fitness on court. Though Durant isn’t happy with his shooting and wants his rhythm back.

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“It was still frustrating, because I want ’em to go in, I want every shot to go in,” Durant said. “I got great looks though, man. I was 4-for-12, but I could’ve easily been 10-of-12. A few shots I just missed, but other than that a few went in and out — yeah, I could’ve easily been 10-of-12. I’m still pissed off I missed them, but it’s part of the game and I can’t harp on it too long. Just got to get rid of it and keep getting better.”

Durant is trying to get back to his routine and form after regaining fitness. He is also working overtime to readjust his shots.

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How does he feel, though?

“I feel great out on the court,” he said. “I don’t feel tired, I don’t feel weak.”