NBA News: Kevin Durant Fully Fit And Ready To Go

NBA News: Kevin Durant Fully Fit And Ready To Go
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Kevin Durant is a seven-footer who is tormented by occasional foot problems. For any big man in the game, an injury in the lower end of the body takes time to heal, something worrying the Warriors fans.


Durant missed the first 17 games of the last season due to a Jones fracture in right leg. He sustained another sprain in the right ankle during his return to court after 2 weeks. Then he suffered a sprain in the left toe after registering a comeback. He played the final game of the last season after undergoing a minor surgery. 27-year-old Durant can miss significant time due to foot injuries, such is his injury-history.

But at this moment, Durant appears healthy and raring to go all-out. In Sunday’s game against the Denver Nuggets, Durant appeared to be a scoring machine while at his best form. Durant signed off with 9-of-14 from the field and scored 23 points, six rebounds and four assists.

Here is video of Durant’s exploits on court. Durant also spoke about the differences in the offensive style by Billy Donovan and Scott Brooks.

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“He’s running more sets, I think,” Durant said regarding Donovan’s offense. “He’s put in different packages for guys at different positions. Scotty did a great job of moving the floor, and allowing his iso players to make plays, and I think Billy is doing that, too, but it’s a little bit different. We’re moving around a little bit more, moving from side-to-side a little bit more.”