NBA News: Kevin Durant Echoes Russell Westbrook On Reggie Jackson’s Celebration

NBA News: Kevin Durant Echoes Russell Westbrook On Reggie Jackson’s Celebration
Kevin Durant Keith Allison/ Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Kevin Durant is annoyed. Just like his team-mate Russell Westbrook over Reggie Jackson’s wild celebrations after Detroit Piston’s 88-82 win against Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. Durant has labelled his former team-mate’s act as a “bush league” move.


“It was bush league, in my opinion,” Durant said Thursday following the team’s shootaround. “Jumping up and down, running around. I understand you’re happy you won the game, but our whole team didn’t play. We would’ve beat the hell out of them if it did.”

Durant didn’t feature in the game due to his plans of resting himself. Serge Ibaka also didn’t feature. The OKC All-star degraded the Pistons as opponent later.

“I wanted to play against Detroit, for sure, but you know, it’s Detroit,” Durant said, according to the ESPN. “Who cares about Detroit?”

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Jackson’s celebration came after he scored 14 points on just 4-of-15 shooting, but notched up 8 of last 11 points scored by the Pistons. The Thunder camp feel that was unnecessary, according to CBS Sports.

“I know I don’t talk like that, but that pissed me off,” Durant said. “But what can I do about it? Some guys are who they are. They won the game, congrats.”

Following a game clinching rebound by Aron Baynes and a Thunder fowl, Jackson went to the sidelines to waive the crowd and stared at the Thunder bench. Later when Baynes shot the free throws, Jackson was seen ordering “get-out” to the Thunder players.

Jackson had to request a trade to the Thunder management before the final day of the last season’s deadline. Jackson was vocal about a starting role in the training camp, and had a difference in opinion in that respect with Durant & Westbrook. So there is a background of bad blood between Jackson and his former teammates.

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