NBA News: Jeremy Lin Plays Stellar Defense, Hornets Lose Nail-Biter To Hawks

NBA News: Jeremy Lin Plays Stellar Defense, Hornets Lose Nail-Biter To Hawks
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If it wasn’t for Jeremy Lin’s late-game heroics, the Charlotte Hornets would have suffered a heavy defeat Sunday. Lin played stellar defense and collected four assists but it wasn’t enough as the Hornets suffered a heartbreaking 94-92 defeat to the visiting Atlanta Hawks at the Time Warner Cable Arena.


Lin, the Hornets’ substitute point guard, had two blocked shots and a steal besides collecting seven points and two boards off the bench. In the final quarter, Lin hit a crucial three-pointer, made a few crucial defensive plays and pushed the tempo to lead Charlotte’s fightback.

Having started the season 0-3, Lin and the Hornets have a lot of adjustments to make. “It’s been a disappointing start but it’s a long year and we’ve got a lot of new guys,” Lin said after the game (Lin’s post-game interview below).

On Saturday, Lin told that he had found a perfect situation in Charlotte, especially after playing in big markets such as Los Angeles, New York and Houston. “It’s been a great fit for me,” the point guard said. “I think Charlotte is definitely a little more low-key than some of the other cities I’ve played in. But aside from New York, I never really worried too much about the outside noise. I kind of got used to it. It didn’t really affect me the way it might have in the past.”

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The Sportige wrote that it’s time for Hornets coach Steve Clifford to insert Lin into the starting unit, considering the struggles of Kemba Walker. “He (Clifford) needs more of Lin because Kemba Walker is refusing to change. He shot 5-of-15 from the field in the loss to the Hawks and once again jumbled up the entire offensive game. Nicolas Batum and Lin were brought in (during the offseason) so the ball could move, not get glued to the hand of one inefficient point guard (Walker).”

Shockingly, Lin played only 21 minutes. The website further wrote: “Clifford needs to put Lin on the floor for more minutes. Maybe even start. The Hornets overall look better when he plays. The Hornets have problems in creativity and offense in general off the bench, but treating Lin like an upgraded bench player isn’t going to help the Hornets pick up the pace.”


  • james brown

    i hope that coach Cliff listen to reason..nice article with positive inputs and no melodrama and lies!

  • dcaseng .

    this is starting to look like more anti lin garbage. He is not getting the minutes or respect from the coaching staff that he deserves.
    They SAY all the right things, but continue to treat him like a scrub.

    • LinFan17

      If the situation does not change, Hornets will keep losing the games. Clifford needs to make change, it is that simple. Giving more minutes or let Jeremy (Lin and Lamb) to start may be a very good idea.

  • HaileySmith

    Same shit different team. Lin should play more and isn’t, Lin should start and isn’t…. Person who is starting is a ball hog etc…

  • dcaseng .

    I’m just tired of all the B.S.
    Lin is much better than people think he is, and yet people find reasons to reduce his minutes. I thought Kemba was supposed to be a great fit with Lin, but he’s turning out to be another ball hog.

  • 33Sambuang

    Lin must be given more playing time or he shall suffer the same fate like his previous teams.

  • El_Capitan

    They aren’t going to trade Jeremy Lin or start him. He’s too cheap to just give away. For a little more than $2 million a year for 2 years, he’s a great bargain. Kemba Walker is an average PG at best, shoots below .400 FG%, and hasn’t panned out to be the PG they were looking for. For $12 million a year for 4 more years, they want Walker to get his numbers up so they can trade him. Therefore, Jeremy Lin’s minutes will be limited.

  • Mike Jones

    As much of a supporter i am for j.lin i about just give up. Hoping the return of linsanity 2, but it just doesnt look like its gonna happen. Either he needs to be more urgent and put up 15 shots a game and drive to the hoop everytime or something. When linsanity happened he was 2 days from getting cut so he had the urgency to do anything. But last 3 years he seems to be satisfied taking it it easy

    • JT Jeanry

      Agreed. I’m a big fan of Lin, but if he continues to slip into boredom he’s going to find himself playing in china or the DLEAGUE next season. No team in the NBA’s going to want him. Just watch.

    • Enlighten Inspired

      You can’t just put up 15, 20, or 25 shots in a game just because you want to. Teams actually go into games with a plan on who is going to shoot. It is not up to Jeremy how much he gets to shoot all the time. Many of these decisions are made by management and coaching… most of the shots are supposed to be taken by Kemba. You will not see a return to linsanity until Lin is on a team that he starts on. It’s not his fault. He’s doing what he was hired to do. And from his performance, it’s satisfactory. Charlotte has many other problems that are not related to Lin.

  • yabidoo99 .

    Game 1, most of Hornets’s shooting are off except Lin; game 2, Batum had 7 TO; game 3, it was a very closed game. Also Heats and Hawks are very good teams. For a team with many new faces, I think they need at least 15 to 20 games to come together either in D or O. Good thing about Cliff, he let Lin finished the 4th quarter so far. Yes, Lin needs to be more aggressive. He should switch his mind set to shoot first sometime and prepare to play one on one more for the future. My prediction for hornets is #7 or #8 in east this season since they got great point guards depth, they got size and they can shoot 3. If they can get a shot blocker in the middle before play off, then they can compete with any team.