NBA News: Jeremy Lin Intends To Return To Knicks

NBA News: Jeremy Lin Intends To Return To Knicks

Jeremy Lin has every intentions to return to the New York Knicks. And his agents reached out to the Knicks management.


“There was no conversation other than them telling me they weren’t interested,” said Lin.

Lin signed a handsome $25 million deal with the Houston Rockets in 2012, but had to bow down to accept a two-year $4.3 million deal this season from the Charlotte Hornets.

“I’ve always been open to it, ever since I, you know, I don’t want to say I necessarily left, ever since (they decided they didn’t want to re-sign me),” Lin said. “But I’ve always been open to it. But I don’t think they’re as open to it.”

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“There’s no animosity from my perspective,” Lin added. “I understand. And I understand why it happened. But no animosity. To be honest, I’m very much past it.”

Many expected Lin to sign for the Knicks in 2012, but the point guard agreed to a three-year lucrative deal with the Houston Rockets. This season, despite the rumors, the Knicks acquired Jerian Grant and veteran Jose Calderon as point guard.

27-year-old Lin is optimistic about fitting in with the Hornets this season. Lin failed to repeat the grand success he achieved at Knicks.

“I can play shooting guard,” Lin said. “I played it in college. So I’ve always said my bread and butter would be the point guard, but I have no problem playing the 2 as well. I consider myself a combo guard. And honestly in this system it’s at times interchangeable.”


  • Either this article is extremely old or the writer hasn’t done any research on Lin who is doing well in preseason as a Charlotte Hornet and as he stated is very much past New York.

    An obvious attempt to get hits by putting Jeremy Lin’s name in an article which seems to always work…lol

    • Lakers Loyalty

      even the headline is misleading . it says “intends to” but Lin signed with Charlotte few months back. terrible reporting.