NBA News: Jeremy Lin Feels He Is Perfect For Charlotte Hornets

NBA News: Jeremy Lin Feels He Is Perfect For Charlotte Hornets
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Good news for Charlotte Hornets fans. Point guard Jeremy Lin feels he is the most suitable guy for a role in the Hornets’ team. Surely something more to cheer for fans after the Hornets won their first game this regular season.


Fans can now wait for the return of “Linsanity” at Charlotte. Lin had a tremendous record during his stint at New York Knicks in 2012. Lin is cautious and more worried about his current team’s success.

“For me, just staying patient and trusting God’s plan for me and my career, has been crucial,” revealed the 27-year-old. “And you just have to stay faithful, stay the course. And yes, I’m hoping this is it.”

Lin also described his place in the Hornets’ team, saying, “It’s been a great fit for me.”

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The point guard’s career took a dip when he moved to Houston Rockets from the Knicks. He then joined Los Angeles Lakers. In both teams, he spent more time on the bench. But the 6-foot-3 point guard feels comfortable with the Hornets, mostly due to his warm rapport with coach Steve Clifford and other members of the coaching team.

His on-court partner Kemba Walker is also elated about Lin’s role. “The good thing for him is he came in here with the attitude that he’s doing to whatever it takes to help us win,” said the player.

Moreover, Jeremy Lin was provided an AFL tutorial by Lachie Neale while he was touring the United States. Neale took some time from his busy schedule to give pointers to Lin and Cody Zeller.