NBA News: Golden State Warriors 5 Win Away From Record, Draws Inspiration From Barcelona & Lionel Messi

NBA News: Golden State Warriors 5 Win Away From Record, Draws Inspiration From Barcelona & Lionel Messi
2014-04-06, Warriors vs Jazz, Oracle arena, Oakland, California Noah Salzman / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Winning is a habit for great teams and who else than Lionel Messi’s Barcelona could inspire any team to adopt it. The Golden State Warriors have won 68 of their 75 games in this regular season. Stephen Curry & company are just 5 wins away in their bid to magic figure 73.


And the Warriors are determined to break the Chicago Bulls 72-win record of 1995-96 for the best regular season in the league. Golden State edged past Utah Jazz 103-96 in OT on Thursday, moving another step closer to the milestone. Using a basketball power index model, CARM-Elo predictions give the Warriors an 85% chance to clinch the record, according to Five Thirty Eight.

Lionel Messi has a cerebral connection with Stephen Curry. Both the guys are at the zenith of their careers. If Messi is the best footballer in the planet, the reigning MVP is arguably the best on the basketball court. Both are regularly dishing out inspirational shows to lead their respective teams to new horizons. Barca has won 24 out of their 30 La Liga games and are the reigning Champions League winners.

Curry revealed the secret of the Warriors’ success. The MVP said that head coach Steve Kerr has shown them highlights of Barcelona’s game to boost the team’s spirit. And Barca’s style, the ease with which they score lifted Curry and his team-mates’ moral to reach new heights.

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“Coach Kerr has shown us film of some soccer greats, especially Messi and Barcelona, and how they play,” Curry told the Goal. “Just their style and what they do every single game, and how they score. We drew a lot of similarities with how we play – moving the ball and using each other in several plays…I’m sure that all comes out in the games.”

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