NBA News: Dwight Howard Upset For Being Called Cheater, League Slaps Warning To Rockets

NBA News: Dwight Howard Upset For Being Called Cheater, League Slaps Warning To Rockets
Dwight Howard LADOT / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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The NBA slapped an official warning to the Houston Rockets over Dwight Howard’s admitted usage of stickum in a recent game against the Atlanta Hawks. Sources revealed the punishment for the Rockets and Howard.


The League also notified all 30 NBA teams via a memorandum that Houston were issued a formal warning that “the team’s use of an adhesive substance on a player’s hands during a game,” according to the ESPN. According to the NBA rules, the use of adhesive substance is strictly prohibited and clarified that “during games” means 90 minutes from tip-off to the final buzzer.

Officials had to replace the ball during Rockets’ 109-97 loss as Dwight Howard used stickum spray from a can covered by white tapes while waiting to re-enter the game late in the first quarter, as we have reported on Monday.

Hawks forward Paul Millsap reported the incident to the officials first in between his free throws. “I’ve never felt the ball like that — ever,” Millsap reportedly said after the game. “It was sticky. It was like Super Glue or something was on there. I couldn’t get it off my hands. It was the weirdest thing ever.”

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Referee crew chief Monty McCutchen warned both the benches by confirming “stickum is illegal in the NBA,” according to Journal-Constitution. Howard was upset over the entire episode.

“I just think that it’s getting overblown, like I’m doing something crazy,” he said, according to league’s official website. “But again, I’ve never been a cheater, never been the type of player that has to do something illegal to win. It’s upsetting, but I can’t control it now.”

The fallen Rockets’ star also pointed out that many NBA players used sprays and powders on their hands during the game. “I’ve been using the spray for the last five years,” he said. “I never hid the spray. I never did anything to try to hide what I was doing. It was just something to make my hands dry.”

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