NBA News: Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose To Undergo MRI For Sore Right Knee

NBA News: Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose To Undergo MRI For Sore Right Knee
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Derrick Rose has missed three consecutive games with a knee injury. Bulls’ point guard Rose will be undergoing an MRI on Monday at his sore right knee after missing Sunday night’s game.


Rose missed his third game in a row on Monday due to a lingering right hamstring, but his old knee soreness also plagued him as well. In April 2012, Rose tore his left knee ACL.

“I feel good,” Rose said. “I feel all right. I just overworked myself. I gotta figure out the days where I’m going to sit. I have to do a little bit better. But the games I have rolling, just tried to give myself a little bit more than I had. And it backfired on me. Tomorrow the MRI. I know everything’s going to be fine. But It’s more reassurance.”

Moreover, Rose tore the medical meniscus in the right knee in 2013 and was required to have a meniscectomy in 2015. The old wound is worrying him now.

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“Just can’t push off the way I want to,” admitted Rose about his knee pain. “I was able to work out. Lift and shot a little bit. But just overworked myself.”

Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg revealed that Rose has a residue pain on his right knee, but Chicago has taken a careful approach to the issue. Rose now wants to limit his time at the gym.

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