NBA News: Charlotte Hornets Coach Showers Praise On Jeremy Lin

NBA News: Charlotte Hornets Coach Showers Praise On Jeremy Lin
Screenshot from Penny Lee / Twitter

Jeremy Lin has fit hand and glove with the relatively laid back Charlotte Hornets. After playing in big market teams such as New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers,  Lin is not under “immediate pressure” to win unlike in New York and L.A where the crowds and media can be merciless.


Lin is a traditional point guard with a high IQ and sound fundamentals. And his new head coach, Steve Clifford, appreciates the skillset that the 27-year-old brings to the table.

After Lin scored 17 points in his debut game Wednesday, coach Clifford reckoned his new point guard is only just starting to scratch all that he can be. “I think he (Lin) can be a total player. I think he’s viewed as an offensive pick-and-roll/transition player and I think he can be a lot more than that,” Clifford said after the Hornets lost 105-95 to the Miami Heat.

Clifford felt that Lin was a quick learner. “His defense has improved a lot. He’s very bright, he’s physical and he learns quickly. He played at a very high level in the preseason.”

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With the coach’s backing, Lin has a chance to reinvent himself and contribute more than he had with previous teams. Last year, Los Angeles Lakers coach, Byron Scott, started the season with Lin as a starter but quickly benched the guard and didn’t entrust him with running the team.

Meanwhile, Lin’s new Mohawk (see tweets below) has caused a lot of Twitter buzz in the last few days. Perhaps the Harvard graduate feels a new haircut can change his team’s fortunes. Remember, the Charlotte Hornets missed the playoffs last year after a successful campaign in the 2013-14 season.