NBA News: Carmelo Anthony Tells Knicks To Hold Him Accountable

NBA News: Carmelo Anthony Tells Knicks To Hold Him Accountable
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Carmelo Anthony literally challenged the coaching staff to single him out and hold him responsible for any failure. Coaches can point him out in film sessions. Melo is working hard to improve his game in the back-court.


“I kind of challenged the staff to kind of push me and stay on me when I’m not doing something,” Anthony said. “Call it out in the film session so everybody can see that and hear that. By them doing that, when that time comes, it kind of forces me to be at the top level of my game on both ends of the court.

“Right now it’s just a couple clips here and there, but for the most part I want them to do that. I think it brings the best out of me and if you bring the best out of me I think it will bring the best out of everyone on the team.”

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Past coaches held him accountable in many ways which helped him to lift his game, cited Melo. He specially named Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and George Karl, both of whom coached him in Denver. But the current season at Knicks is a different story, because it’s not only Derek Fisher who’s been directing at the players’ errors.

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It’s more of a collective unit,” Anthony said. “… We’re just sitting down with [members of the coaching staff and video department] and sitting down with players on the team kind of going through different scenarios, different situations and just kind of wanting to be held accountable out there.”

Anthony wants to dismiss the label of a sub-par defender of the league.