NBA News: 80 % Of Players Use Marijuana, Says Former Chicago Bulls’ Guard Jay Williams

NBA News: 80 % Of Players Use Marijuana, Says Former Chicago Bulls’ Guard Jay Williams
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Former Chicago Bulls guard Jay Williams feels that it’s high time that the league gets more progressive about Marijuana.


“It’s easy for doctors to prescribe you Oxycontin and look I was addicted to it for five plus years so I know,” Williams tells “But when you say marijuana you get a reaction, ahhh, it’s a gateway drug.” And according to Williams, about 75 to 80% of the NBA players use Marijuana.

“You see pictures of guys in California going in and getting their medical marijuana cards. And I’m not just saying athletes, let’s talk about society. I know a lot of people that use it. It’s something that the whole world is becoming more progressive with. So it’s about time some of these entities do as well,” he pointed out.

Williams, a second overall pick of the 2002 NBA draft, was derailed from his sporting career after a motorcycle accident in June 2003, as reports the Sports Net. The serious injury he sustained finally ended his NBA career.

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The NBA strictly prohibits any type of pot use despite 23 states have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. According to the league’s anti-drug agreement, players are subjected to four random tests throughout the season, which are conducted by a independent third party without any prior notice to the athlete.

If a player is tested positive and convicted of violation, he will enter the Marijuana program. The second offense will hand him a $25,000 fine and the third will be a five-game suspension.

“I know so many athletes that play on Percocet. Have you ever taken Percocet by the way? It makes you way more groggy than rubbing cannabis oil into your skin,” also added Williams. “It’s demonized in society too. Oh, he’s a pot head. No, I actually just use cannabis oil because it helps with inflammation and takes away some anxiety.”

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