NBA News 2016: Chris Bosh Still Upbeat Refuses To Retire

NBA News 2016: Chris Bosh Still Upbeat Refuses To Retire
Chris Bosh Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Chris Bosh suffered a big setback following reports that he has failed his physical with the Miami Heat doctors. Apparently physicians found more evidence of blood clotting hence foiling any NBA return the 32-year-old cager had.


While it was expected that Bosh would be disappointed with the recent developments, it seems that he is taking everything in stride. Based on his interview on the tweet below, one can see the all-star forward still in high spirits despite the sad news.

Just a setback?

Based on his piece, Bosh is treating the whole thing simply as another setback. He has not waived the white flag of surrender and seems bent to working his way back to full health and play pro ball.

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While that should be inspiring, Bosh may end up returning for another team to play. His tenure with the Heat will likely come to an abrupt end as he moves on from this disappointing episode of his life.

Will team take a chance at Bosh in the future?

There is no telling if Bosh can successful fight off this blood clot issue and on whether any physician would grant him a clean bill of health moving forward. Even with that in mind, also interesting is if any team would take the risk of playing him given his health problems.

Time will likely be an element here and Bosh has plenty of it as long as he stays in shape. The bottom line here is his health which is (obviously) important than playing NBA ball.

Until that time comes, Bosh is still adamant that he can exit the game on his own terms. In short, retirement is not among his options (for now) and he will continue to fight for his case and play the game he loves.

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