NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Unfazed Of Golden State Warriors Super Team?

NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Unfazed Of Golden State Warriors Super Team?
Dwight Howard Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Dwight Howard starts his new journey with yet another new team and hopefully he recalls the old dominant form that made him a covered player when he was still with the Orlando Magic. That said, he seems to be too busy to worry about the retooled Golden State Warriors.


The signing of Kevin Durant was the biggest news for NBA Free Agency 2016 which comes a bit of a surprise that Dwight Howard is not even fazed off, CBS reported. Could he be holding off his comments once the regular season starts? Possibly.

Dwight Howard Needs To Prove He Still Has It

For his part, there is no question that Dwight Howard’s stock has dipped – immensely. He attributes it to injury though some believe that it has something to do with the fact that he has a hard time co-existing with another star on ballclub.

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This happened with the Los Angeles Lakers opposite Kobe Bryant and something that was obvious alongside James Harden. With the Hawks, he has a lot of budding stars to contend with though none on a superstar level like Bryant and Harden, Fansided reported.

Prove Than Worry About The Warriors Later

As Howard tries to rediscover himself, any jabs at the Warrior or even the Cleveland Cavaliers will have to wait. It may seem unusual for some who is straight-forward thought he easy way to explain it is that the 6-foot-11 all-star needs to fix his bearings.

Howard hardly drew notice in free agency and that dish alone should be more than enough to motivate him to prove that he is still one of the game’s dominant big men.

Dwight Howard is no spring chicken and needs to squeeze every ounce of hardcourt brilliance from here on. If he fails to do that with the Hawks, there is no telling if any team will still show interest on the once overpowering force.

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