NBA Dunk King, Jason Richardson, Retires

NBA Dunk King, Jason Richardson, Retires
NBA Logo Global Panorama/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Jason Richardson announced in his social media post that he is retiring from the NBA.

The 34-year-old shooting guard has finally succumbed to the needs of his ailing left injury and has posted in his Instagram:


“Today is a bitter sweet moment for me. I’m officially announcing my retirement from pro basketball. I like to thank the organizations and fans in Charlotte, Phoenix, Orlando, Philly and especially The Bay Area for their loyal support the past 14 years. Walking away was the hardest decision I had to make but choosing my health and spending time with my family is more important to me! God bless!”

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His 14-year career will never be forgotten as he is hailed by Deadspin as a “Dunk King,” having won back-to-back dunk contests that displayed a unique performance from an NBA player that will be proven hard to surpass.

He is leaving his team, the Atlanta Hawks, after signing with them this August. He started with the Golden State Warriors a decade ago, averaging 23 points per game, as reported by ESPN. He also played a total of 19 games with the Philadelphia 76ers last NBA season, which came to a halt after his injury on his knee.