NBA: Draymond Green, LeBron James Feuding? Golden State Warriors Star Speaks Up

NBA: Draymond Green, LeBron James Feuding? Golden State Warriors Star Speaks Up
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The back and forth physicality between Draymond Green and LeBron James was on full display during 2016 NBA Finals. James had the last laugh, as the Cleveland Cavaliers outlasted the Golden State Warriors in a grueling seven-game series.


A full month after the Cavaliers won Game 7 at Oracle Arena, fans are still talking about the rumored beef between Green and LeBron. Many pondered what could have been had Green not been suspended in Game 5, following his altercation with the four-time MVP in Game 4.

The NBA’s decision to suspend Green for accumulating too many flagrant foul points sparked another verbal war between him and LeBron. Recently, Green clarified that the feud wasn’t personal. It was all just in the spirit of competition.

“Me and LeBron are friends. We’re business partners,” he said in an interview with Draft Kings. “Nonetheless, when I step on the court next year, I’m gonna go at him. When he steps on the court next year, he’s gonna go at me. That’s the game we play.”

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Green and LeBron are both affiliated with Nike. Green is also doing video testimonials for UNINTERRUPTED, LeBron’s breakthrough multimedia platform for athletes.  Green explained that what happens on the court remains on the court.

“At the end of the day, you’re competing for a championship,” he added. “Things are going to happen because there’s a lot of emotion that go into that, there’s a lot of hard work. And you’re going to do whatever you can to try to win.”

Nevertheless, Green wants to tone down his fiery nature heading to next season. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told Green told him he doesn’t owe the team an apology for missing Game 5 of the NBA Finals. As much as he likes to take Kerr’s word for it, he still believes his indiscretion cost the Warriors the championship, as per Sportsnaut.

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