NBA Controversy: Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant

NBA Controversy: Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant
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On Thursday ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith first said that Kevin Durant is eyeing to land at Los Angeles Lakers – not his hometown-based side Washington Wizards – if he leaves Oklahoma City Thunder. Tension and drama surfaced on after Smith’s comments.


Earlier, Morning News USA also reported that Durant is leaning towards Lakers if he decides to leave OKC.

The normally soft-spoken Oklahoma star lashed out at Smith after hearing his comments directed at his future.

“I don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith at all,” Durant said to Oklahoman beat writer Anthony Slater. “Nobody in my family, my friends, they don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith. So he’s lying.”

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“I have people who I talk to about everything and I know for a fact they didn’t talk to him, so he’s making up stories.”

Durant’s reactions annoyed Smith, who revealed that the NBA star needs to change his attitude.

“At NO time did I ever say I SPOKE to K.D. Or his family. Or his brother, friends, teammates, etc. (although I can assure you all I have on several occasions in the past). I said I HEARD from folks I know — in a league I’ve been covering for 19 years,” Smith clarified in a report.

The drama is set to continue in the coming weeks.