NBA Controversy: Miami Heat Will Not Release Gerald Green

NBA Controversy: Miami Heat Will Not Release Gerald Green
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Gerald Green has been released from hospital very recently. But his franchise Miami Heat has no plans of releasing him as of now.


29-year-old guard, Green was hospitalized for several days but for unknown reasons and sources revealed the situation was delicate. This offseason, Green signed a minimum contract worth $1.4 million with the Heat. He was the leading scorer for the Heat in the three preseason games and the big-man also averaged 10.3 points in the three regular season games.

There were question marks over the veteran swingman’s return to Miami. Green missed four consecutive games this regular season due to his mysterious illness, the final one was against the Toronto Raptors. From coach Erik Spoelstra to players, nobody could throw any light on what actually happened to Green.

“I speak with him daily.” Said coach Spoelstra on his Monday media conference, “He’s healthy; he’s safe.” But Miami coach declined to give any critical updates. So, the mystery remains.

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Dwayne Wade also confirmed that Green is safe but clarified that he hasn’t met him since the guard’s “illness”.

Tim Donovan, VP of Heat’s media relations, said on Sunday that there won’t be any update on Green’s condition and coach isn’t responsible for answering any question on the issue. This sparked more questions. Citing privacy concerns, sources revealed the situation was “delicate”.

WPLG-10 on Saturday confirmed that Green had been released from the hospital, but nothing was mentioned about his “illness”.

Green isn’t expected to appear against visiting Los Angeles Lakers side on Tuesday at the American Airlines Arena.

Coach Spoelstra has found a new combination around forward Chris Bosh and reserves, who took a leading role in Heat’s win over Toronto Raptors in the last game.

“Our rotation, actually, has been fairly similar,” the Miami Heat coach said. “But the ultimate deal is to work, to compete, to give yourself a chance to win. Then it is to try to get better every single day with your process. And that’s one of the things that we work on with the process, is our rotation.”