NBA Controversy: Investigation Report Reveals Gerald Green Punched Man

NBA Controversy: Investigation Report Reveals Gerald Green Punched Man
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Gerald Green’s sudden hospitalization and suspension remained unexplained for several days. Now, investigations reveal certain facts. Green punched a man and was combative against paramedics.


Investigations also reveal that Green walked with bloody hands to his condo and asked the clerks to call the paramedics. He was seen punching a man in the right eye and was handcuffed by authorities. The man declined to press charges against Green.

Miami Heat, Green’s club, suspended him for two games.

“I think the release and the statement pretty much says what it says — conduct detrimental to the team, And other than that it’s a personal matter. It doesn’t need to be discussed.” Pat Riley, president of Miami Heat told reporters on Wednesday.

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According to police reports, Green was bleeding and unconscious while being taken to the hospital. Green is referred as an “agitated patient” in the report, who at one point had to be handcuffed and restrained.

An eye witness also noticed blood from Green’s hands.

“I want to apologize to my family, fans and the Heat organization,” Green revealed in statement which released on Tuesday by Heat. “I accept the suspension and look forward to rejoining my teammates this weekend.”