NBA 2K17 VC Glitch: Get Unlimited VC Free For PS4, Xbox One

NBA 2K17 VC Glitch: Get Unlimited VC Free For PS4, Xbox One
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NBA 2K17 VC Glitch: Are you tired of playing with a low rated player on MyCareer? Are you looking for quick ways to increase your virtual currency to improve your MyPlayer?


Here, we offer a number of tips to improve your VC.

For starters, avoid hoax websites that offer ways to generate locker codes for unlimited VC. Most of these websites contain spamware. The truth is there is no way to generate locker codes.

These are the best options to generate quick VC:

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  • Official locker codes: Follow 2k spokesperson Ronnie 2k, who often releases locker codes during holidays or special occasions. For example, keep a close eye on his Twitter page during Haloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas week. Most of these locker codes expire quickly, so act fast.
  • My NBA2K17 app: Another easy and safe way to acquire quick VC. You can gather nearly 1,000 VC daily by playing a few card games and the Blacktop challenge. All you need to is download the MyNBA 2K17 app on your Android or iOS-powered smart phone. Do this daily and all the VC gets depoisited to your 2k account. There is a daily limit on how VC you can earn. But make sure to maximize your efforts.
  • Play Now Online: This is a good way to earn up to 600 VC quickly. Choose a Tier 5 team and before choosing your opponent, select the option of “Custom” instead of playing only a team from your Tier. If you manage to beat a top tier team with a Tier 5 team, you immediately earn 600 VC. However, you stand to earn 400 VC playing with a Tier 1 team like the Warriors or Cavaliers. If you are willing to risk getting banned, the trick is to start the game and “Quit Application” in your PS4 when the timer hits 30 seconds. When your restart your NBA 2K17, you’d notice that your VC has increased by 400. Keep continuing this process.
  • Ban lifts in 60 minutes: If you try option No. 3, you stand to get banned for 60 hours. When 2k notices irregular behavior at a user’s end, it’s quick to crack the whip. There are reports that this NBA 2K17 VC Glitch has been patched during this week’s latest NBA 2K17 update. However, those are just rumors. You can continue to exploit this glitch.
  • Doin Work meter: Keep filling up your Doin Work meter in your MyCareer to get quick VC. This reddit user offers some handy tips. There are ways to accept practice invites from teammates, quit and return to find VC added to your account. It doesn’t always work but you can try your luck.

Stay tuned for the latest on NBA 2K17 VC Glitch and ways to get unlimited VC.