NBA 2K17: Tips To Quickly Fill The Doin’ Work Meter In MyCareer

In NBA 2K17, the previous ‘Live Practice’ mode in MyCareer has been replaced by Doin’ Work. In the new system, you can upgrade attributes for your MyPlayer during off days by putting in the hard yards.


In NBA 2K17, once a MyPlayer had maxed out on player upgrades, the gamer was forced to sit through plenty of Live Practice sessions on off days to unblock attribute upgrades.

In fact, it was impossible to simulate through the season to the off day – because the Live Practice mode would simply disappear from the calendar.

However, the new Doin’ Work mode offers gamers a fun way to achieve attribute upgrades.

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The game developers have ensured that the off-day simulation is properly streamlined, giving the MyPlayer the option of either scrimmaging with teammates, shooting hoops in the gym or running into other MyPlayers in late-night sessions.

Also, the new-and-improved MyCourt allows your MyPlayer to invite friends and play games together.

This is another way to improve your Doin’ Work meter. If you perform well in MyCourt sparring sessions, you get invited to the 2K studios to share the stage with Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith.

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NBA 2K17: Tips to improve Doin Work

Here, we share some tips on how to increase your Doin’ Work meter quickly. 

  • You won’t be allowed into the gym unless a teammate asks you to practice and you choose “No”.  Once you do this, your MyPlayer should be allowed to enter the gym whenever he pleases. Also, no other teammates would disturb him.
  • After entering the gym, you’d want to participate in the Vertical Jump which is located in the back right. This would help improve your player’s athleticism instantly.
  • Attack of the Fanboy notes that “The Vertical Jump exercise simply requires you to hold the left stick down when the whistle blows, and when your characters knees are fully bent flick the stick upwards as if they were jumping and reaching. Do this three times to complete the exercise.”
  • Again, quoting Attack of the Fanboy: “No matter the finish, you will gain on the “Doin’ Work” meter. After about two or three tries, you should be done and the bar is filled. You can now leave the practice gym and do it all over again for every practice to quickly progress through these somewhat tedious sections of the game.”

Stay tuned for the latest on NBA 2K17.

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