NBA 2K17 Ratings and Gameplay: NY Knicks Stars Kristaps Porzingis, Brandon Jennings Angry!

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NBA players can be very touchy when it comes to their NBA 2K17 ratings. Some players take their video game counterparts more seriously than others.


Recently, two members of the New York Knicks found out about their individual player NBA 2K17 ratings.  One was genuinely amused, while the other was evidently salty.

Kristaps Porzingis got an 80 on 2K Sports’ upcoming basketball simulator. The 7-foot-3 stretch forward did not actually give his input about the rating. He let his Twitter followers speak on his behalf.

“Simmons getting 79 is fair.  KAT got 88,” said Twitter user Jacob Harmond. “Porzingis should atleast [sic] get an 82-83 IMO.”

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Brighan 44 believed Porzingis deserved his rating. He claimed that the New York media has a way of over-hyping players to the point where New Yorkers think Porzingis is at par with Karl-Anthony Towns.

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“It’s true. If KAT played in NY he’d have his own street already,” Mike Plugh chided. “KP is a franchise talent but KAT is generational. KP could be.”

As for Jennings, the 6-foot-1 dynamo got a 75 rating in NBA 2K17. He wasn’t pleased by it, especially when he found out some of his contemporaries fared better than he expected. In the spirit of playful banter, he called them out one by one.

“Waitttttttt a min!!!!! Jared [Dudley] ur my guy and all. But listen no way I’m 75 and u 76!” Jennings said on Twitter. Chicago Bulls point guard Spencer Dinwiddie did not escape the shrewd remarks. Jennings stated that his former Detroit Pistons teammate should have gotten a 65, instead of a 69.

Jennings even poked fun of himself, literally. He described his video game version as having “baby hair and curls.”

While their reactions vary, both Porzingis and Jennings are no doubt excited to play NBA 2K17. The game will release worldwide on September 20, just a few days before the start of NBA training camp.

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