NBA 2K17: Find Out How To Play With 36 Different College Teams

NBA 2K17: Find Out How To Play With 36 Different College Teams
NBA 2K17 College Screenshot / NBA2K17

NBA 2K17: There is good news for gamers who wish to play with their favorite college teams. A community uploader has made available a download which will allow you to get all 36 teams and 198 players!


The uploader, who goes by the name ‘SkillazKill’, has done an impressive job of creating the universities with their exact logos, uniforms and updated rosters.

The download also delivers exact arenas and iconic college coaches such as Jim Boeheim, John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski.

According to Operation Sports, gamers need to follow five simple steps to create a complete college mode. (Only for PS4 users)

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Step 1: Visit the MyGM or MyLeague mode.
Step 2: Under either mode, pull up the option of “Custom Rosters”
Step 3: Seek the username “SkillazKill” or the content ID “College Roster 2K17”
Step 4: Now, simply click the option of “Custom League” and start a regular season.
Step 5: Under the “Setup Options”, choose season length 35 games (for exact real life college basketball experience), quarter length 10 minutes, select “On” under the option “Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes”.
Step 6: Ensure that you turn off features such as “League Expansion”, “Salary Cap”, “Hard Cap”, “Trade Logic” and “Progressive Fatigure”
Step 7: Select “All Teams” and advance.
Step 8: Now, you need to download a team’s logo by going to “Team Relocation > Download Team Designs > Search Username “SkillazKill”  For multiple options, click on “See Other Designs by Creator”
Step 9: Repeat this process for all teams.
Step 10: You’re all set!

Remember, this upgrade would only allow you to play with college teams in either the MyLeague or MyGM mode.

These custom teams can’t be used in any of the online modes or other regular offline modes like Play NBA Today, etc.

NBA 2K17: All-Time College Bundle

Remember, this year NBA 2K17 already offered gamers an “All-Time College Bundle” worth $14.99 which lets them play with schools such as UConn, Georgetown, Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State Spartans, Oklahoma, Texas and Wake Forest.

The aforementioned teams are also a part of the college college quotient in the MyCareer mode.

However, the developers of the game couldn’t secure licenses for all 36 schools.

Also, unlike last year’s game which saw college teams confined to the MyCareer mode, it’s possible to play with your favorite schools in Play Now Online or even offline modes.

Stay tuned for the latest on NBA 2K17.