NBA 2K17: Full Details About MyPark’s ‘After Dark’ Mode

NBA 2K17: Full Details About MyPark’s ‘After Dark’ Mode
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NBA 2K17 is now available worldwide for pre-order customers. Those who enjoy the ‘My Park’ segment of the game are excited about the all new ‘After Dark’ mode which turns the online action into a virtual party.


Until NBA 2K16, most virtual MyPlayers could run around the 2K virtual space, looking for other players to play one-on-one, two-on-two or three-on-three pickup games against.

However, there weren’t too many incentives. You had to basically stand inside the matchmaking/waiting circle and get paired up with and against random players, who had either more advanced or inferior skillsets.

However, NBA2K17 will feature a new automated system that will allow for similar skilled players getting paired up against each other. This is likely to increase the waiting time but at least rookie players won’t get posterized anymore.

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Game Informer confirmed this development earlier this month. “2K says it has improved the MyPark matchmaking so new players won’t be constantly posterized by vets,” wrote Matt Bertz, before confirming that the developers have also introduced “park-specific badges” as an added incentive.

‘My Park’ was one of those most popular modes among all the online segments. And it’s refreshing to see that 2K is adding a few new elements to the online mode this year.

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NBA 2K17: ‘After Dark’ Mode

Steve Noah of Operation Sports recently revealed that MyPark will feature an “after dark presentation, which turns the online action into a party complete with DJ, special effects and a crowd.”

The ‘After Dark’ mode will also feature dunk contests and three-point shooting competitions. Exciting!

Forber reporter Brian Mazique confirmed the development earlier this month.

“MyPArk After Dark might become the hottest virtual hangout spot among basketball fans. I made reference to something like this in my wishlist, and it’s great to see more personality added to the mode,” wrote Mazique.

Besides the aforementioned new features, MyPark will also introduce a ‘Mountain Dew 3x Tournament’ that basically has eliminates one team after another until one victor team is standing. There is expected to be a cash prize, similar to the NBA 2K17 Pro-Am contests from last year.

Stay tuned for the latest on NBA 2K17.

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