NBA 2K17: Latest Updates About Locker Codes, Free VC

NBA 2K17: Latest Updates About Locker Codes, Free VC
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NBA 2K17 continues to take the world of sports gaming by storm. Here, we offer ways to increase your Virtual Currency (VC) and improve your gaming experience.


For starters, you earn nearly 1,000 VC on a daily basis by installing the My NBA 2K17 app for Android and iOS-enabled devices.

All you need to do is play a few card games in the Quick Game mode and Blacktop Challenge game mode and you can have VC deposited into your official 2K account.

There is no limit to the amount of VC you can earn in a week. However, there is a daily limit. Regardless, you can rack up the VC even without playing the game on your console.

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You can also buy and sell cards in the Auction House. If you’ve earned a superstar or legendary player card, you stand to earn nearly 5,000 VC.

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NBA 2K17: Locker codes soon?

As of this writing, 2K Sports hasn’t released any locker codes.

However, a few gaming websites have indicated that 2K community manager @Ronnie2K is likely to give away a few locker codes in the coming week.

Typically, Ronnie never gives a heads up about the locker codes but rather drops it randomly on Twitter!

So be sure to keep tabs on Ronnie’s Twitter page.

It’s also advisable to stay away from fake websites that offer Unlimited VC. Most of these sites are known to spread malware and viruses. Kindly avoid installing any offered applications.

Besides free VC, the locker codes will likely offer MyPlayer goodies such as shoes, jerseys and player animations. They could also include MyTeam Sapphire cards.

Meanwhile, gamers ought to continue their MyPlayer experience by staying away from fake websites for locker codes. It’s best advised to either wait for Ronnie’s locker codes or accumulate VC from the My NBA2K17 app.

Stay tuned for the latest on NBA 2K17.

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