NBA 2K17 Gameplay Features: Bigger MyTeam Packs, Face Scan Guide, All-Time College Teams

NBA 2K17 Gameplay Features: Bigger MyTeam Packs, Face Scan Guide, All-Time College Teams
NBA 2K16 Marco Verch / Flickr cc
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NBA 2K17 is officially out but the buck obviously doesn’t stop here. All gamers got was the official base of the game meaning there are tons of other content player will scour for.


Getting the NBA 2K17 College teams pack

One of the things NBA 2K17 players will be looking to get hold off are the college teams. Forbes reports that there are 10 teams in total to look forward to led by the Spartans quintet that was headlined by Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Other college teams included in the mix are Illinois, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Louisville. To access them, all players have to do is head on over to the PS Store or Xbox Marketplace and search for NBA 2K College.

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There are two ways to get hold of the teams. They can be each bought for $1.99 or for $14.99 for the whole lot. Obviously it would be best to get them all though it depends on what an NBA 2K17 player fancies.

Before deciding, take note that the teams are only playable on ‘Play Now’ mode and that the rosters cannot be edited. Hence, that is a limitation that could drive players to buy or pass on the DLC since buyers look forward to editing some players according to their liking.

Scanned to perfection?

One of the highly anticipated things for NBA 2K17 is how the graphics will be. Face scanning has been improved immensely, close to perhaps the real thing compared to previous versions.

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Gameplay will not be as easy with 2K Sports bringing the game as close to actual NBA action. Hence, the game texture and physical contacts have gotten their fair share of bumps as well, something that many players will definitely approve.

Bigger MyTeam packs

For the ones who don’t mind spending, there are 20-pack boxes being offered. These will account for faster animations and a streamlined system that will help eliminate duplicate cards. These and more are up for NBA 2K17 so get into the swing of things now.

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