NBA 2K17 Face Scan App Launches Today, ‘The Prelude’ On Friday

NBA 2K17 is almost here. While the game launches for pre-order customers on September 16, gamers can get a head start on their MyCareer with ‘The Prelude’, a free download offered by 2K Sports starting Friday.


A day before ‘The Prelude’, 2K Sports launches the NBA 2K17 app for all smart phones powered by Android or iOS technology. By downloading the said app, gamers can begin the process of creating their MyPlayer by scanning their face through the mobile camera.

The free trial allows users to begin their college careers in an attempt to build their NBA Draft stock, ahead of the game’s release on September 16.

You will be allowed to play five college games during ‘The Prelude’ and get a head start on your MyCareer before the release of the week on Sept. 16. Do note that your MyPlayer will get uploaded onto the 2k server and sync from the trial mode to the real game mode.

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Ronnie 2K, a representative of 2K Sports, confirmed the exact launching time of both ‘The Prelude’ and the 2K17 app.

NBA 2K17: Face scan app to work?

The face scan app is something that 2K faithful have been patiently waiting for. In NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K16, gamers needed a console camera (either for PS4 or XBox One) to scan their face onto MyPlayer.

However, EA Sports’ NBA Live 16 proved that the mobile scan works wonders.

According to Brian Mazique of, the initial process of the face scan enables the creation process for the facial appearance besides cosmetic options.

And then you can proceed to sculpt the MyPlayer besides choosing his height, weight, wingspan, shoulder, playing position, etc. before playing starting your collegiate career. (You had to go through high school in NBA 2K16 in Spike Lee’s Livin’ Da Dream)

Mazque also confirmed that unlike in NBA2K16, your MyCareer doesn’t go through high school.

“Once your MyPlayer is created, you’ll begin your college career. In NBA 2K16, your career started in high school and then went to college, but this year’s game is condensing the experience.”

Stay tuned for latest updates on NBA 2K7.

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