NBA 2K17 Cover: Toss Up Between Kobe Bryant & Stephen Curry

NBA 2K17 Cover: Toss Up Between Kobe Bryant & Stephen Curry
Kobe Bryant in NBA2K16 NBA 2K / Official Facebook

Who should grace the cover of NBA 2K17? League MVP Stephen Curry or retiring legend Kobe Bryant?


Curry is the most logical choice. However, scores of Bryant fans on social media are petitioning for the Los Angeles Lakers icon to be honored as the cover athlete for the next installment of the popular video game series.

There is always the possibility that 2K Sports launches an alternative Kobe Bryant-themed edition, similar to the higher priced “Michael Jordan Special Edition,” which included a Jordan NBA 2K16 poster, a Jordan fathead wall cling, digital Jordan shoes, jersey and t-shirt for MyPlayer, besides 30,000 addition VC and MyTeam VIP benefits.

Don’t be surprised if 2K launches a similar special edition for Bryant, since that would be a win-win situation. It would be difficult to ignore Curry as the cover athlete. After all, he is due to win his second back-to-back MVP award and most likely finish the season with a second championship.

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Would you pay extra?

But would fans be ready to pay $20 more for a Kobe Bryant special edition? They surely would. Recent data revealed that the MJ Special Edition was highly demanded during the Christmas and Black Friday shopping sprees. If marketed right, Bryant’s special edition could prove to be the highest-selling 2K game in history. And that’s no exaggeration.

NBA 2K10 was the only previous instance of Bryant as the cover athlete. The previous edition featured interchangeable covers and featured three different athletes – Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden. At the time, Warriors fans cried foul that Curry had to share the spotlight despite winning the MVP award. It would make sense for 2K to give Curry the much-deserved solo cover.

In recent years, Bryant’s rating in the game has seen a gradual fall. But when he’s retired, 2K would be forced to bump his rating up, something which would undoubtedly please the Black Mamba’s fans.