NBA 2K16: Trailer Includes James Harden’s Cooking Celebrations, Montage Of All Teams

NBA 2K16: Trailer Includes James Harden’s Cooking Celebrations, Montage Of All Teams
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What’s in store for NBA 2K16? Find out in this trailer released by 2K Sports.


Video-bombs are here to grace the show. Some cool, new and realistic features such as Draymond Green’s video-bombs.

And hence comes James Harden’s signature cooking celebrations. To add more few distorted versions of the players’ on-court action, like Dirk Nowitzki. It looks as if Dirk was designed by Tom Brady’s court-room sketcher. Perhaps these guys would consider working on their appearances following a glimpse of the trailer.

A glimpse of the trailer

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For folks awaiting NBA 2K16, here is the latest trailer released by 2K Sports. As usual the trailer comprises of sensational actions of last season, Stephen Curry and LeBron James‘ dangling mouthpiece; James Harden’s cooking dance while celebrations. Players photo-bombing team-mates in pre and post match photo-shoots are also revealed.

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The most significant part of the trailer is that it attempts to catch montages of all 30 teams, so no fan-base gets raged ahead of the release of the game’s new version on September 29.

Los Angeles Clippers feature several times with their old and new shirts. Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce and Chris Paul all seen here unleashing their characteristic moves.

2K Sports this year has tried to switch things up by introducing ratings. And following the kick-off LeBron James is at 94, Kevin Durant, plagued by injury last season, is at 91. Bit confusing, no doubt. Maverick LeBron deserves much better for shouldering the Cavs to the NBA Finals after Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were sidelined by injury.