NBA 2K16 Shows Stephen Curry Chewing On Mouthguard During Free Throws

NBA 2K16 Shows Stephen Curry Chewing On Mouthguard During Free Throws
Photo Credit: HeelSports via Compfight cc

Does the NBA 2014-15 MVP Stephen Curry chew on his mouthguard while unleashing his spectacular three-pointers? Check out NBA 2K16.


Curry lands his free throws at home with his mouthguard with more efficacy than without it.

On Instagram, Curry promoted the game this weekend.

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NBA 2K16 And MVP’s Unique Tendency

The popular video game features 3 cover model athletes, among them the reigning NBA MVP. And the game franchise features the unique on-court tendency of the MVP.

Well, surely the chewing habit has paid off. The most weird and intriguing fact is Curry’s higher success ratio in free throws while chewing the mouthguard!

“Maybe we should communicate that to him,” Golden State general manager Bob Myers said.

According to The Count’s video review of his free throws this season, Curry shot 89.5% with his mouthguard visibly in his mouth, but he was successful 92.5% of the time when the mouthguard was out of his mouth. And surely it adds more glamor to his heroic image among the fans, something a kid growing up in Oakland would love to imitate.

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The MVP’s mouthguard chewing is not only promoted, but also encouraged by his employers.

In real life, too, Curry’s chewing habit is quite popular. Well, the Golden State Warriors fans won’t mind. And in this case, the star delivers with more accuracy and style.