NBA 2K16 Server Issues Spoils Gaming

NBA 2K16 Server Issues Spoils Gaming
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This Tuesday, Feb. 9 NBA 2K16 players experienced difficulty connecting to the servers of the basketball simulation game. The problem has affected a lot of players as it seems that it was a worldwide problem, reports Attack of the Fan Boy.


The basketball simulation game, which was developed by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, was confirmed by the latter to be having problems that can affect random players. 2K Support has tweeted that they are aware that some of its game players are having server issues which they are currently investigating. The post also thanks everyone affected for their patience.

IBT Times India has reported that the publisher of the game is trying to fix the issue and has already requested NBA 2K16 users to check the server status. The server status, so far, is showing that all the networks are normal and running well. Players on Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live are said to have the game running smoothly.

However, for some players on certain countries, they might discover if they haven’t yet, that the game servers in their countries are still down. They might have to wait for 2K Support to fix the problem since it is already checking the issue.

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It could be recalled that when its predecessor 2K15 launched, the game servers also experienced problems and were down for a couple of days. So if that is the same as what happened today, then one can expect that it should be okay soon enough.

NBA Coins for Sale adds that the latest game under the NBA 2K instalment has the most advanced create a player suite which is observed to be a huge improvement from its predecessors’ released last year. Also added into the game is the ability to scan a user’s face through a Kinect or a PS4 Camera. The game is then able to get the overall facial structure, hair, eye shape etc.

When playing, during the match-ups, a commentary is delivered along with a play-by-play of the current game. This outlines details like historical significance of the rivalries and players involved; making it as real as it can to a basketball game done physically.