NBA 2K16 Roster Updates Make Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram and 2017 Rookies Playable

NBA 2K16 Roster Updates Make Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram and 2017 Rookies Playable
NBA 2K16 Marco Verch / Flickr cc

Thanks to a trio of competent roster creators, PS4 and Xbox One gamers can now play Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram and the rest of the 2017 NBA rookies in NBA 2K16.


The latest NBA 2K16 roster updates also include revamped player tendencies, age updates and recent trades before NBA 2K17 comes out. That means Derrick Rose is on the New York Knicks, Serge Ibaka wears No. 7 for the Orlando Magic, while Jeff Teague and Thaddues Young are with the Indiana Pacers.

According to Pasta Padre, console gamers can download the roster files by navigating through Features/Options from NBA 2K16’s Main Menu. From there, click on Roster Creator then select Create Roster.

For PS4 gamers, hit the Triangle button to Search by Online ID, then select the NBA 2K16 roster from EmbraceThePace. For Xbox One owners, press the Y button to Search by Online ID, then download the roster files either from TyMan8400 or Eli Stakzz00.

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EmbraceThePace will be on the lookout for the latest contract signings, number changes and player movement this offseason to ensure his roster file stays updated. The roster creator is also banking on supporters to inform him of the things he missed.

“One of the main things I’ve focused on with my draft classes and rosters the past 2 years has been keeping them as updated as possible,” he said. “As soon as I noticed a player was traded, had declared for the draft, signed a new contract or even just changed up his hairstyle, I made sure I updated it as quickly as possible.”

TyMan8400 assured that his 2017 rookies are accurate down to the last detail. He worked for months to perfect each player’s faces, wingspan, body types, tendencies and even their hoop accessories.

As for Eli Stakzz00, he recently started his own YouTube Channel where he will be posting weekly videos showing upcoming NBA 2K16 roster updates and player changes for the popular game.

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